Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monogrammed Christmas Stocking Tutorial

The hubs insisted on having a manly looking stocking,
and after lots of ideas, we finally agreed on this design:

Materials Needed:
1/2 yard of plaid fabric
1/2 yard of coordinating fabric
1/2 yard of quilt batting
iron-on fabric backing [enough for the monogram]
sewing machine

Just like the ruffled postmark stocking I shared last week,
I started by taping two pieces of 8.5" X 11" paper together.
Then I sketched out a stocking shaped pattern:

I used the pattern to cut 4 stocking shapes...
Two out of each fabric.

Then I cut a large "D" for David out of paper...

Ironed the coordinating fabric onto fabric backing...

And used the "D" pattern to cut the monogram out:

I also cut \a "heel" and "toe" out of the coordinating fabric:

And sewed all of these cutouts onto the stocking:

Pin the outer stocking pieces face-to-face,
Leave one inch at the top of both sides unsewn,
but hem the rest of the way around:

Done with the outer layer...

Cut two stockings out of quilting batting,
and pin them to the coordinating stocking pieces you already cut out.
Sew them together.

Fabric side facing in,
Pin the lining to each side of the stocking,
and sew tops of stocking and lining together.
[This is why I had you leave the inch along the top...
to have room to sew these together]

Bring both of the linings forward like so:

Pin them together and sew them up.
Then shove the lining inside the stocking.

Make a strap to hang the stocking by cutting a strip of fabric,
folding it face to face,
sewing it along the side,
And turning it inside out:

Sew it into the inside of the stocking...
And you've got yourself a lovely [and manly] monogrammed stocking
to compliment the ruffly one of last week:

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Mama Pea said...

Very cool and manly :) And I like your new blog header!

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch said...

Too cute...I mean manly and burly! LOL! Great tutorial! :)

Beverly @ said...

Oh very cool!! I love the combo of the two plaids. It looks great!!! :)

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

I love the big initial.

Sandy a la Mode said...

what an awesome tutorial!! love it!!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

As always, verrrry cool item and tutorial. You're awesome, Mandy!

hiyaluv said...

awesome mandy! thanks for sharing

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Love this - too tricky for me, but I think that your tutorials are clear and easy to follow (if only I could sew!)

Lisa said...

Love this one too! Both stockings are so pretty!

Allison said...

Great job again! Perfect "manly" stocking!

Thanks for linking up! :)

Roo {NiceGirlNotes} said...

Looks great, Mandy! I'm really impressed!

Nike@ChooseToThrive said...

Beautiful ... (I mean very guy, cool).

Madigan at madiganmade said...

I love the mix of plaids. Perfect for a man's stocking.

Black and White {Side by Side} said...

These are BOTH amazing!!! Love the his & hers idea :) I may be copying you to make some for my husband & I this week! Thanks for the inspiration!

Black and White {Side by Side} said...

I'm featuring you in my favorite finds from the Tatertots & Jello weekend wrap up this afternoon! :)

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Hi Mandy. Your sticking is fantastic! I love the plaid and the monogram! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this today - stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Hope you have a fabulous week ~ Stephanie Lynn