Tuesday, March 29, 2011

YARN IT ALL: Tutorial 11 [How to Crochet a Flower]

I cannot read a crochet pattern to save my life.
But I really wanted to make a flower...
So I had to design my own:

Here are the instructions to make the above flower. . .

Materials Needed:
Size 2.25 Crochet Needle
Size 3 Crochet Thread

Chain 6:

Using a slip stitch, connect the ends of the chain to form a circle:

Here is the circle:

Next, chain 2:

And begin double crocheting around the circle [going into the center, not the stitches]:

Continue to double crochet around:

There should be 16 doubles total to complete the circle:

[When you get around the circle, make a slip stitch into the first stitch to complete the circle]

Now chain 5.
You are going to connect the chain with a slip stitch to the circle by skipping one stitch [on the circle, not the chain] and making a slip stitch in the second one. . . the picture below will help. In the picture, the head of the needle is pointing to the stitch that you will slip stitch into [but do note that there are only 2 chained, but there should be 5- sorry!]

Repeat this process around the circle:
Chain 5
Skip one stitch on the circle, and slip stitch into the second:

Continue until you are all the way around the circle.
There should be 8 petals total:

Now we are going to go into the pedals.
I have no idea what to call the following stitch [if anyone can tell me, I would greatly appreciate it!]
It's almost like a double crochet, but not quite. . .
First, go into the petal hole:

Catch the thread:

And pull it through.
You now have two loops on the needle:

Now catch the thread again:

And pull it through both loops:

Like so:

And there you have the unknown stitch. . . we'll just call it that for the rest of the purposes of this blog :]

Now do 6 doubles and one unknown into the same hole to complete the pedal:

Continue this process [one unknown, 6 doubles, one unknown] into each pedal:

And connect the whole thing with a slip stitch at the end.

Tie it off and. . .


Attach a clippy type mechanism to the back to make a lovely clip that you can wear. . .

Or maybe even your puppy could wear. . .

Or you could clip it to your purse, shirt, etc.
The next couple of projects will build on this flower tutorial.

And be sure to check out Kimberly's non-crochet yarn post today!


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Cassie said...

Oh, Mandy, I have so thoroughly enjoyed reading your 'Yarn it All' tutorials! You are so talented, and I would have never known that you couldn't read a crochet pattern, haha. I'm not good at reading them either. Unfortunately I need someone to show me just like you've done here. Have a great day :D

Christine said...

If I am reading your directions correctly, I think your "mystery stitch" is actually just a single crochet!

lisbonlioness said...

Oooooh yeah, come to Mama, you pretty little petal! *drool*
I am so glad you can't read patterns... I can't, neither, and like Cassie I desperately need someone to show me the actual crocheting for me to understand it. Just like my Grandma used to do. Thank you again for making and sharing all these tutorials!

Julia said...

I love all your crochet projects!!! I am more or less a beginner in the crochet and knitting corner. I love this flower. I'll be making some. I've been trying to make granny squares, but mine never look square. I'll read your tutorial more closely and see what I'm doing wrong. thanks.

Melanie said...

beautiful! can't wait to see the next projects... :)

Un Fiori di Panno said...

Linda, parabens.


Sandy a la Mode said...

omg! you make it look too easy! but you know i'd mess it up!!! haha love that you put it on your dog!! :)

Elisabeth S. said...

Very good design! Your mystery stitch is a single crochet :)

Em {Emerging Em} said...

I'm loving all these tutorials! I can't wait until I have time to try them out...aka, when I graduate...

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Lovely! I always thought I couldn't read patterns - then I took a crochet class, and it all became much clearer! :)

And yes, that unknown stitch is indeed a single crochet!

Kayla said...

I'm so glad you showed how to do this. I think it will still take me a ton of practice but now I have a guide!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

Valerie said...

I just gave you an award check it out over at my blog plaeas.

Oh, My Darling said...

Oh, boy! Another fantastic yarn craft!!!

malia said...

your model is beautiful!!!

Emma said...

thank you, thank you - i am about half way through my little petal then it's on to making it into a mandyband. thanks again

lisbonlioness said...

Mandy, I finally did it! I made flowers after your tutorial, and I am SO chuffed with them! I have this image in my head of a flowery throw which I might or might not make in time for the next winter.
Here are my little petals, thank you again SO much for the tut!

Tammy in Seattle said...

Loved your cute tutorial. Just what beginners need. I loved the flower too. I like that you used the wrong side of it to display it on your models and demo. The wrong side of crochet is bumpier than the right side, and the right side has more twisted stitches and hardly any bumps.(When worked on one side only.) But I liked the bumpy side for a change. Keep up the good work! And, yes, the mystery stitch is a single crochet, like others have stated. Now you know all the names of the stitches you used! Keep stitchin, learning, and sharing!

Sleepless in Seattle

Tammy Sullivan said...

Thank You very much on teaching people how to make a flower. I have rting to learn how to make one for a very long time and i could never get the hang of how to make it. Now you made it very easy to make and i thank you very much. this is the first time i ever got to make it.

Linda S said...

FYI your "unknown stitch" is called a single crochet (sc). Love your lil flower.

Giselle Thayer said...

Thank you so much for your tutorial. It was extremely detailed and easy to follow. By the way, the "unknown stitch" is called a "single crochet" just like Linda said.

Thanks again!!!

Emily Nordstrom said...

In case no one has said it yet your "mystery stitch" is a HDC half double crochet :) Right inbetween single and double. lol. It's my favorite stitch

Emily Nordstrom said...

Whoops, Haha! I read it wrong (and did it wrong on my flower but it worked out) definitely just single crochet. haha. My bad. Love it anyway!

Beadyjan said...

Great tutorial and I adore the beautiful dog photo

Nayli said...

Hi,,please give me permission to copy your tutorial from your blog. It's really great. ^^ And it will really help me to learn how to crochet. I'm still learning now.
My special thanks for you,,^^

dkgetz said...

Love your flower ! It looks so elegant and complicated, but it's not ! Especially with your easy and specific instructions. Thank you ! Oh...by the by...your "mystery stitch is a half double crochet. A single would only have 2 loops on the hook. :-)

Loddelina said...

Thank you so much for this user friendly tutorial, I can't read crochet patterns and was so happy to find this simple and beautiful flower - I made it with No.1 hook and skinny yarn and it came out a tiny, delicate lace.

Greetings from France

nicos45 said...
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nicos45 said...

Hey Mandipidy, I just managed to crochet this flower - my very first flower ever and I can't believe my own eyes.......I've actually done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Following your instructions made it sort of quite easy to follow and then hey presto a flower is born! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!! I'm so chuffed to bits as I've been trying to crochet the infamous Granny Square, and I still can't seem to grasp it, so thought I'd take a look round the web (on a cold, very wet and very very windy day here in the county of Nottinghamshire.....famous for Robin Hood) anyway I digress!! Then I found you on here and went to your website and found the instructions!!!!! So you have made a frustrated guy very happy!!! Thanks once again, Nicolas :-)